Social Soup teams up with Amazon for AI-led influencer marketing

Social Soup is integrating artificial intelligence into its influencer marketing platform leveraging Amazon’s learning-based image tool, Rekognition. The tool is said to be a "game changer" for content analysis, making it easy to add image analysis to applications, also delivering analysis and accuracy previously considered impossible.

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Sydney University snares prospective students with Snapchat activation

The use of Snapchat has been ramping up globally with brands from McDonald's to L'Oréal using the photo-sharing platform and now universities are getting on board. When you have a bunch of millennials coming in droves to check out your university, there’s only one way to truly capture their attention – a geofilter based Snapchat [...]

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‘Pain points’ of influencer marketing tackled in new study

In a world where people are challenging the information portrayed by traditional media, more and more brands are turning to influencers - as a result of growing levels of consumer trust is being built in this area. According to an independent study conducted by The Remarkables Group (TRG), which zones in on what is actually [...]

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Social Soup partners with Quantium to measure influencer impact

Social Soup has become the first influencer marketing agency in Australia to offer an in-store sales attribution metric of its campaigns through a partnership with data analytics company Quantium. The deal aims to provide greater clarity on how social influencers can impact sales. Quantium will anonymously match aggregated sales data to the behaviour of Social [...]

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Brands warned to behave on Snapchat or risk alienating audience

Snapchat users want brands to be active on the booming social platform, but only if they play by its rules, influencer marketing agency Social Soup has found. In a report on Snapchat in Australia, Social Soup surveyed 1,221 users from its panel of more than 165,000 influencers. It found 66% of influencers wanted brands to [...]

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Industry Profile: Social Soup CEO, Sharyn Smith

Our Industry Insights Profile takes a weekly look at some of the professionals working across the advertising, ad tech, marketing and media sector in Australia. It aims to shed light on the varying roles and companies across the buzzing industry. Today we head to Sydney to talk to Social Soup CEO and founder, Sharyn Smith. [...]

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Influencers want ongoing brand relationships, not a one-night stand

Brands need to create more meaningful relationships with social influencers rather than “one-night content stands” or just paying to post, with proposed changes to Instagram making this even more critical, according to research by Social Soup. Speaking at the Social Soup Booster Breakfast, CEO Sharyn Smith says research shows influencers are looking for “meaningful relationships [...]

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The new Instagram: bad for brands, good for content

The recent Instagram algorithm change will push users to create better content which stands to impact positively on influencers, however brands may struggle to adapt as they have been more likely to see the social media app as an advertising platform rather than as a creative space, according to social marketing experts. While many people [...]

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