“User Generated Content is 22X more persuasive than brand content”

— National University of Singapore

We focus on authentic Social Influencers who have genuine engagement and have been vetted through our influencer gateway using sophisticated data analysis and AI tools. This ensure the influencers chosen for your campaign have direct influence for your target, location and category.

Mid-tier influencers (1,000 – 50,000 followers) are the powerhouses of social media, driving the most engagement and impact amongst followers. Tapping into this level of influence can be one of the most effective ways to stand out to your audience.

Scaled Social Reach

Social Soup can quickly scale organic reach for your brand through combining multiple tiers of influence and access to a large pool of influencers who are guided on your brand message and will create high quality content with a 12 month license for ongoing brand usage.

Social Proof

We can target a very specific audience by matching the right influencer with your brand. This right influencers posting high quality relevant content about your product gives it credibility – Social Proof that can’t be achieved with branded content.

Ambassador Partnerships

Developing long lasting relationships with Social Influencers allows your brand to own the conversation in this channel and develop authentic connections.

Use it to:

  • Own the influencer marketing space with key Social Influencers

  • Build consistent content partnerships
  • Generate large scale organic reach with hard-to-reach audiences

Case Study – Brita Fill & Enjoy Fun Jugs