“User Generated Content is 22X more persuasive than brand content”

— National University of Singapore

Mid-tier influencers (1,000 – 50,000 followers) are the powerhouses of social media, driving the most engagement and impact amongst followers. Tapping into this level of influence can be one of the most effective ways to stand out to your audience. Through Social Soup’s Influencer Gateway Platform, we help you build partnerships with these key Social Boosters; influencers who have built highly engaged communities of approximately 5,000 followers that trust and value their opinions. They create premium user generated content with unparalleled organic reach and impact.

Social Proof

We can target a very specific audience by matching the right influencer with your brand. This type of influencer posting UGC about your product gives it credibility – Social Proof that can’t be achieved with branded content.

Rapid Social Reach

With an average of 5,000 followers, organic reach is not only high, but is guaranteed. Mid-tier influencers often have higher engagement rates on their posts compared to influencers with larger followings.

Ambassador Partnerships

Developing long lasting relationships with Social Boosters, allows your brand to own the conversation in this channel.

Use it to:

  • Own the influencer marketing space with key social boosters
  • Build consistent content partnerships
  • Generate large scale organic reach with hard-to-reach audiences

Case Study – Brita Fill & Enjoy Fun Jugs