“82% of consumers are highly likely to follow a recommendation by an authentic influencer”


In a hyper connected world consumers trust each other because they can quickly tap into the direct experience of others. By leveraging the power of connectedness in peer-to-peer networks, Social Soup can help brands generate behavior-changing influencer marketing campaigns.

Authentic Sharing Occasions

We create trials that allow consumers to have genuine and meaningful engagement with your brand. First, we give you access to a specific network of people, whether its centered around a passion (food or fitness), life stage (parenting) or profession (teaching). Next, we arrange for your brand to support one of their everyday activities such as an office catch up, dinner party with friends, mothers group or training session in the park. Creating authentic sharing occasions results in real engagement and a strong ROI.

Trials Change Behaviour

Changing behaviour and building new purchase habits can be achieved when consumers are able to experience brands for themselves and have established a genuine connection with a product. Social Soup creates experiences that educate consumers about your products and allow them to discover the product benefits within a time frame that will result in genuine change of purchase behaviour.

User Generated Content

Within the digital landscape, authentic User Generated Content has the power to influence and change the behavior of your consumer. We make it easy for your consumers to share their positive experiences across their social media channels via genuine content that their followers trust. By generating thousands of pieces of content, including social media posts and online reviews for your brand, we influence consumers’ buying decisions.

Use it to:

  • Create trial around a product that needs to be experienced over time
  • Create positive buzz to support product launches and product repositioning
  • Facilitate branded occasions with key networks
  • Generate product-based user-generated content
  • Drive product trial and offline word-of-mouth

Case Study – Nestlé CERELAC