“43% of millennials rank authenticity over content when consuming news and they first have to trust a company or news site before they will even look at anything they produce”

— Forbes

We give influencers the tools to share their experiences online, generating a positive conversation about your brand. We then amplify powerful User Generated Content to millions; this creates impact through trusted social networks.

Never before has authentic content been more important to a brand’s marketing strategy. The recruiting of an influencer is both an art and a science. When done correctly your brand enjoys a steady stream of authentic videos, photos and reviews to use across paid, earned and owned media.

Amplified Reviews

Social Soup has built a range of products to amplify authentic User Generated Content across native social through Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat; putting this original, curated content in front of millions with the most impactful User Generated Content.

Influencer-led retargeting

Social Soup can target the friends and followers of campaign Influencers through our technology platform. Through re-targeting, we can deliver a message or sales offer specifically moving a consumer through the funnel from consideration to purchase. We can increase the brand frequency in significant social channels.

Market Leading Social

Social Soup achieves market leading social campaigns that reside across prevalent social media platforms including Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. We integrate your brand into the conversation that is already happening amongst the influential leaders of social media.

Use it to:

  • Generate authentic content to support campaigns
  • Reach millions with recommendation led UGC
  • Manage and curate a database of repurposable UGC
  • Launch social media platforms
  • Provide content for an ongoing social media plan

Case Study – Amplified Reviews