Influencer Marketing Partnerships

Today, consumers respond to authenticity over traditional advertising models; they want reviews, ratings, and testimonials from likeminded individuals. Social Soup partners brands with the right influencers and launches campaigns designed to create real world recommendations and social media impact.

Our model of scaled influence covers all strata of influence from the most trusted peer to peer layer through to high social reach influencers with passionate and engaged audiences. Through understanding the objectives of our clients we design the best campaigns placing their brand at the heart of the most trusted conversations.

Across our influencer programs we collect and curate high quality user generated content. With digital rights managed for brands we use the smartest social strategies to successfully place this content into paid native environments amplifying impact to millions more, creating incredible ROI for campaigns.

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How Influencer Marketing Works

Social Soup Influencer Community

Australia’s  largest community of influencers (170K), qualified by demographics, social behaviour and passion areas. The launch pad for influencer marketing reaching 70 million people through social connections.

How Influencer Marketing Works

The Influencer Gateway

Our technology platform for influencer identification and management. We currently have over 2,000 Social Boosters connected, and over 30,000 identified across key passion verticals.

How Influencer Marketing Works

Social Soup Influencer Marketing App

This market first technology increases a brand’s social media footprint and shareability. It also increases engagement, provides campaign immediacy and trackable metrics.

Influencer Marketing Partnership Dashboards

Delivers live tracking and results of all campaigns, including identification of most engaging content for social amplification.

Return on Investment and Impact

Leading Australian and New Zealand brands choose Social Soup because we are a leader in ROI for Influencer Marketing.

We know that measurable results are an important differentiator for clients, and it’s why we have developed an Influencer Impact Index, along with our technology platform that provides live tracking of campaign results.

Our partnership with Quantium takes it one step further by delivering real purchase data. We have the ability to compare campaign participants against a control group allowing us to accurately analyse how our Influencer Marketing Program has changed purchasing behaviour, with Quantium providing independent reporting.

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