Social Boosters Research

Social Boosters Research We surveyed 200+ Instagram influencers within our community to understand who they are and exactly how they want to work with brands. These ‘grammers’ have an average of 5,000 followers and connect with them in an authentic and meaningful way across a range of different categories they are passionate about. Social Soup [...]

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Snapchat vs. Instagram report

Snapchat vs. Instagram report Since Instagram launched Stories, it’s been compared and contrasted with Snapchat. We pitched this to our community to find our which is now their favourite. This research across 400+ Instagrammers and Snapchatters reveal the different ways they’re using each platforms and upcoming trends we can expect to see. Social Soup - [...]

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Mums Lunchbox and Snack Research

Mums Lunchbox and Snack Research Research with over 1,000 mums through an online survey. The research looks at real behaviour with a semiotic analysis of their actual lunchbox photos and really what’s in the lunch box? We explore the influences of deciding what to put in lunches through word of mouth, online sources, shopping and [...]

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Snapchat Mumbrella Masterclass

Snapchat is an emerging platform most marketers are not embracing. This masterclass presentation is designed to help marketers identify the Snapchat opportunity, understand the audience and the role of brands in this emerging social world. Snapchat represents authentic storytelling and will continue to grow and evolve making it an important platform to leverage.

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Alcohol research

Alcohol Research Targeted category research across alcohol brands and advertising to understand how to cut through clutter and drive purchase with consumers. We spoke to 1,500 relevant audience in our community to reveal the do’s (and don’ts) when it comes to alcohol influencer marketing. Social Soup - Understanding Influence in Alcohol Marketing from Social Soup [...]

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Summer research

Summer Research Summer has always been associated with heightened social activities and more active lifestyles. This research demonstrates the rich potential brands have to connect with consumers during this unique time of the year. Social Soup - Summer research from Social Soup

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